Steve, Associate Pastor

Pastor Steve O has been leading the youth and children since 2003.  He's pretty legit and super cool (as you can tell by his picture).  He has a heart for sharing Jesus with just about every person he comes in contact with and is never shy about telling his story of redemption and salvation.  Steve has a knack for sharing Jesus in a way that's fun, entertaining, and most importantly, relevant.  He preaches every Wednesday at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church and is always available to minister to anyone who needs it.  He is blessed with an amazing family, his wife Kerrie and daughters Cali and Arin, who love the Lord and serve Him every day.  Steve gets great joy watching children and teens being set free in Christ.  Please don't hesitate to contact Steve at any time.  Follow him NOW: @steveaoster


Katelin, Youth Leader Extraordinaire

Katelin is a rockstar when it comes to everything youth.  Seriously, everything.  You need a bus driver for mission trips and concerts?  Katelin is the one that will haul you around with a smile on her face.  In addition to her mad driving skillz, Katelin is at the church as close to 24-hours a day as possible.  She may even sleep there if we had a comfy bed for her to take a load off, although that's not her style.  Another very important job which Katelin is very skilled at is keeping the kids on task, whether it's playing a sweet game of kickball or studying God's Word...she'll make sure the students are getting out of their time at church what the church is hoping they give them.  All-in-all, we absolutely couldn't do what we do without Katelin.  When Katelin isn't at church, she's doing something for someone else because that's how she rolls.


Julie, Youth Leader Aficionado

Julie grew up in this church and participated in the same youth group she now helps lead.  She has a drive to reach the high school students in the Minot-area and attends every youth event—in Minot or on a road trip—to help make sure the students see the glory and grace of God.  Julie's unique ability to reach students where they are in life plays an instrumental role in ministering to the students of Minot.  It was Julie and her sister, Jenna, that was able to get their parents to church.  Now, they are a family of Christ followers which is exactly what Julie tries to do with all the students that walk into the doors of Cornerstone.  When Julie isn't hanging with the youth, she's a kindergarten teacher at Our Redeemer's Christian step into her classroom and you'll easily be able to determine her favorite color: yellow.


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