Okay, what kind of church or youth group would we be if we didn't have a mission, right?  What is a mission?  Is it a vision an organization has in order to stay on task?  No, that's called a vision...we have one of those, too. We'll start off by telling you what Cornerstone Presbyterian Church's mission is and go from there, cool?  Here goes nothing:

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church exists to bring hope to our community and beyond through an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.

As you can see, Cornerstone's mission is relational, that is, we want to get to know you and your families and help you enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and we want to do the same thing with our neighbors.  We don't stop caring for you once you enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, though.  Oh no...we do life together.  Church, youth group, friendships...all these things work better when we do it together.  Being a Christian has never been meant to do it alone.  We are broken people just like the rest of the world and need the ongoing support, love, and grace God gives us and hope to show you and your families that same support, love, and grace.


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