Revival Student Ministries likes to have a good time.  As part of that fun, we instill in each student a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and selflessness.  Even during our kickball or dodgeball games, we seek to honor God in everything we do.  When we're not playing games, we are all about studying God's Word and doing our best to live it out daily.


The Youth Center is open every Monday and Wednesday beginning at 3:30pm and we don't shut the doors until 8:00pm (8:30pm Wednesday).  All students are encouraged to stop by, take care of their homework, play some pool, study God's Word, help out around the church, or just hang out.  We have some pretty legit couches in the Youth Center that are calling your know who you are.


Revival Student Ministries doesn't keep you locked up inside the church walls, though, so we hope you weren't thinking that!  We get out and do things, things that matter to God and to our community.  The last Wednesday of every month, for example, the youth lead the charge for community dinner which is served to anyone needing or wanting a meal, free of charge, in our large fellowship hall.  There's more to that, too!  We are always out trying to win people to the Lord.  We go to Acquire the Fire (huge Christian music festival) every year, participate in block parties (with our awesome cook trailer), and help the community at any chance we get.


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