Welcome to Revival Student Ministries!  This is your corner of the web and we encourage you to check it out often! We are all about Jesus all the time and we want to share that love with you.  So what do you say?  Want to hang out with other students, play some crazy kickball, pool, study the Bible and learn what God has to say about having a relationship with Him?  Sounds pretty cool, right?  Yeah, totally...come check us out!

Yeah, we get that a lot, too.  You should hear some of the stories our students tell about when they entered into a personal relationship with Jesus.  Their lives changed, some of their friends changed, and how they looked at life completely changed.  A relationship with Jesus isn't something you should be afraid of.  It should be something that you can't wait to get!  Stop by and let one of our students tell you their story...you'll be glad you did!


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