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12.28.2016 Refresh-Renew Looking Forward in 2017 Jeremy Meier
12.25.2016 Jesus, the Ultimate Gift of Christmas Pastor Mark
12.24.2016 Jesus, the Ultimate Gift of Christmas (10:30pm) Pastor Mark
12.24.2016 Jesus, the Ultimate Gift of Christmas (5:00pm) Pastor Mark
12.21.2016 Advent Reset Peace (part 2) Pastor Steve
12.18.2016 Advent Reset Peace Pastor Steve
12.14.2016 Advent Reset Joy Pastor Steve
12.11.2016 The Gifts of Christmas Joy Pastor Mark
12.04.2016 The Gifts of Christmas Love Pastor Mark
11.30.2016 Beyond the Paper Jeremy Meier
11.27.2016 The Gifts of Christmas Hope Pastor Mark
11.23.2016 Give Thanks Thanksgiving Eve Service Pastor Mark
11.20.2016 "Get Involved Sunday" // Why Are We Here? Pastor Mark
11.16.2016 Battle Scars Pastor Steve
11.13.2016 Called Together for a Purpose Pastor Mark
11.09.2016 How Confident Are We in God? Pastor Steve
11.06.2016 In the Name of Jesus Christ Pastor Mark
11.02.2016 Revival Starts With a Right Heart Pastor Steve
10.30.2016 Unashamed of the Gospel Reuben David
10.26.2016 Faithful for a Promise Jeremy Meier
10.23.2016 Where Does Your Help Come From? Pastor Mark
10.19.2016 What Does a Reset Life Look Like? Pastor Steve
10.16.2016 Reset, Now What? Pastor Mark
10.12.2016 Reset Hands...Are Working Hands Pastor Steve
10.09.2016 Jesus, Reset My Hands Pastor Mark
10.05.2016 What Does a Reset Voice Sound Like? Pastor Steve
10.02.2016 Jesus, Reset My Voice Pastor Mark
09.28.2016 What Does a Reset Mind Look Like? Pastor Steve
09.25.2016 Jesus, Reset My Mind Pastor Mark
09.21.2016 What is the Condition of Our Heart? Pastor Steve
09.18.2016 Jesus, Reset My Heart Pastor Mark
09.14.2016 The Time is Now Jeremy Meier
09.11.2016 Jesus, Reset My Priorities Pastor Mark
09.07.2016 The Authority of a Reset Pastor Steve
09.04.2016 Get Ready to Reset Jeremy Meier
08.31.2016 Live Dangerously Pastor Steve
08.28.2016 Happily Ever After Pastor Mark
08.24.2016 Everyone Loves a Happily Ever After Pastor Steve
08.21.2016 Evil Enters; the Battle Continues Pastor Mark
08.17.2016 It's All About the Heart Pastor Steve
08.14.2016 Your Part in the Story Pastor Mark
08.10.2016 The Greatest Story Pastor Steve
08.07.2016 Don't Back Down When You're Trying to Rise Up Jeremy Meier
08.03.2016 Extend Grace...Walk in Peace Pastor Steve
07.31.2016 Look What the Lord Has Done Pastor Steve
07.27.2016 Don't Back Down When You're Trying to Rise Up Jeremy Meier
07.24.2016 Rise Up, Church! Pastor Mark
07.20.2016 Be the Church Jeremy Meier
07.13.2016 Do We Truly Love God? Pastor Steve
07.06.2016 Take Responsibility For Yourself Rueben David
07.03.2016 In Pursuit of His Presence Rueben David
06.29.2016 The Grandeur of God Jeremy Meier
06.26.2016 Finding Contentment Pastor Mark
06.22.2016 A Biblical Perspective on Attitude and Effort Pastor Steve
06.19.2016 Why? Pastor Mark
06.15.2016 Body Life Discipleship Dr. Paul Ford
06.12.2016 The Curse of Sin & Power of Forgiveness Pastor Mark
06.08.2016 Remaining Faithful Pastor Steve
06.05.2016 How Should We Then Live? Mike Ewoldsen
06.01.2016 Dunamos Ministries Mike Ewoldsen
05.29.2016 The Power of Remembrance Pastor Mark
05.25.2016 God Gives Samson Power Pastor Steve
05.22.2016 We Can Trust God Pastor Steve
05.18.2016 Paul Defines Love Pastor Steve
05.15.2016 Free For The Asking Pastor Mark
05.11.2016 Live by the Spirit Pastor Steve
05.08.2016 Kingdom People Pastor Mark
05.04.2016 Jesus Saves Everyone...Even Jailers Pastor Steve
05.01.2016 Opportunities Everywhere Pastor Mark
04.27.2016 Be Prepared...Evangelism Happens Pastor Steve
04.24.2016 Contentment, Rest, and Peace Pastor Mark
04.20.2016 Angels...What Do They Do? Pastor Steve
04.13.2016 There is Power in Prayer Pastor Steve
04.10.2016 Jesus Changes Our Lives Pastor Steve
04.06.2016 Fear Not...SHINE Bright Pastor Steve
04.03.2016 Resurrection, Now What? Pastor Mark
03.30.2016 Final Thoughts Before Ascension Pastor Steve
03.27.2016 The Resurrection, a Game-Changer Pastor Mark
03.24.2016 Maundy Thursday Service Various
03.23.2016 Be Alert Pastor Steve
03.20.2016 Why You Can Count on Jesus Pastor Mark
03.13.2016 Combined Service Pastor Mark
03.09.2016 Living Examples of Christ Pastor Steve
03.06.2016 The Church Under Jesus' Command Pastor Mark
03.02.2016 What is Truth? Pastor Steve
02.28.2016 What Does it Mean to be the Church? Pastor Mark
02.27.2016 As One Worship Service Vondal Brandt
02.24.2016 Do We Trust God? Pastor Steve
02.21.2016 Born Again, Now What? Pastor Mark
02.17.2016 Sin No More Pastor Steve
02.14.2016 The Foundation is Jesus Pastor Steve
02.10.2016 Ash Wednesday Service Pastor Steve
02.07.2016 Developing a Spiritual Foundation Pt 1 Pastor Mark
02.03.2016 What's Next Pastor Steve
01.31.2016 Walking in the Blessing Pastor Mark
01.24.2016 Prepare for Blessings Pastor Mark
01.20.2016 Living for Something Bigger than Ourselves Pastor Steve
01.17.2016 The Heart of the Matter Pastor Mark
01.13.2016 The Blessed Abundant Life Pastor Steve
01.10.2016 The Heart Matters Pastor Steve
01.06.2016 The Heart Leads Us Pastor Steve
01.03.2016 Love, Giving, and Generosity Pastor Mark
12.30.2015 If People Follow You, Will They End Up At The Cross? Pastor Steve
12.27.2015 Making My Life Count Pastor Mark
12.23.2015 The Necessity of Forgetfulness Jeremy Meier
12.20.2015 Jesus - His Mission, His Message, and Our Response Pastor Mark
12.16.2015 Christianity 101 // Jesus, the Relational God Pastor Steve
12.13.2015 Christianity 101 // Jesus, Fully Human Pastor Steve
12.09.2015 Christianity 101 // A Man on a Mission Pastor Steve
12.06.2015 Christianity 101 // Who is Jesus? (part 2) Pastor Mark
12.02.2015 Christianity 101 // Who is Jesus? Pastor Steve
11.29.2015 Christianity 101 // Who is Jesus? (part 1) Pastor Mark
11.25.2015 Thankful Hearts, Thankful Lives Pastor Mark
11.22.2015 Bible 101 // New Testament (part 2) Pastor Mark
11.18.2015 Bible 101 // The New Testament Pastor Steve
11.15.2015 Bible 101 // A Quick Trip Through the New Testament Pastor Mark
11.11.2015 Bible 101 // The Old Testament Continues Pastor Steve
11.08.2015 Bible 101 // Setting Up For A Savior Pastor Steve
11.04.2015 Bible 101 // How to Use the Bible Pastor Steve
11.01.2015 Discovering God's Instruction Book for Life Pastor Mark
10.28.2015 Be That One Jeremy Meier
10.25.2015 The Process of Discipleship Pastor Mark
10.21.2015 The Power of One...Evangelism 2.0 Pastor Steve
10.18.2015 The Power of One...Evangelism Pastor Steve
10.14.2015 The Power of One...Prayer Pastor Steve
10.11.2015 Connecting to the Power Source Pastor Mark
10.07.2015 The Power of One...Names Pastor Steve
10.04.2015 Be A Story Teller Pastor Mark
09.30.2015 Noah's Example Rich W.
09.27.2015 How to Get UNstuck Pastor Steve
09.23.2015 God Loves the Unwanted Pastor Steve
09.20.2015 We Need Each Other Pastor Steve
09.16.2015 How to Handle Life When it is UNSAFE Pastor Steve
09.13.2015 Unsafe? Pastor Mark
09.09.2015 How to Handle the Unimaginable Pastor Steve
09.06.2015 When the Unimaginable Happens Pastor Mark
09.02.2015 Is Worship the Rhythm of Your Life Pastor Steve
08.30.2015 Fear Not Pastor Mark
08.26.2015 God's Answer to Sin...a Savior Pastor Steve
08.23.2015 New Life in Christ Pastor Mark
08.19.2015 The Real Issue Is...Sin Pastor Steve
08.16.2015 Choose Your Future Pastor Mark
08.12.2015 We Are Created For a Purpose Pastor Steve
08.09.2015 Serve God, Not Man Pastor Steve
08.05.2015 Don't Love the World Pastor Steve
08.02.2015 In the Beginning God... (part 3) Pastor Mark
07.29.2015 This is Holy Ground Pastor Steve
07.26.2015 In the Beginning God... (part 2) Pastor Mark
07.22.2015 The Hand of God Pastor Steve
07.19.2015 In the Beginning God... Pastor Mark
07.15.2015 Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible Pastor Mark
07.12.2015 I Believe Pastor Mark
07.05.2015 Articulating What I Believe Pastor Mark
07.01.2015 Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve Pastor Steve
06.24.2015 Give Me The Mountain Dunamos Ministries
06.21.2015 A Father's Love Pastor Mark
06.17.2015 Don't Be a Stumbling Block Pastor Steve
06.14.2015 What if Today Were the Day? Pastor Mark
06.10.2015 The Prayer of Jabez Pastor Steve
06.07.2015 What is Your Worldview Pastor Mark
06.03.2015 Pray for Direction Pastor Steve
05.31.2015 You Shall Receive Power Pastor Mark
05.27.2015 The Power Came, Now What? Pastor Steve
05.24.2015 The Power of Remembrance Pastor Mark
05.20.2015 Here Comes the Power Pastor Steve
05.17.2015 The Church is Walking Rev Rory G. (ECO)
05.13.2015 Build Up The Body Pastor Steve
05.10.2015 Embracing All God Called You To Be Pastor Mark
05.06.2015 Witness to the World Pastor Steve
05.03.2015 Fear, Failure, Frustration, and Faith Pastor Mark
04.29.2015 Repent Pastor Steve
04.26.2015 The Kingdom of God Pastor Mark
04.22.2015 The Trial of Peter and John Pastor Steve
04.19.2015 Thank You, Lord Pastor Mark
04.15.2015 What is Your Part? Pastor Steve
04.12.2015 What's Next Pastor Mark
04.08.2015 Faith Without Seeing Pastor Steve
04.05.2015 The Treasure Pastor Mark
04.01.2015 Praying for the Prodigals Pastor Steve
03.29.2015 The Unshakable Kingdom Pastor Mark
03.25.2015 Excited About Jesus Pastor Steve
03.22.2015 Jesus, Lord of All Pastor Mark
03.18.2015 Some Give All Pastor Steve
03.11.2015 Why Jesus Came to Earth Pastor Steve
03.08.2015 Running on Empty Gary R.
03.04.2015 Jesus Takes His Church Seriously Pastor Steve
03.01.2015 Chosen By God Pastor Mark
02.25.2015 Commitment is Key Pastor Steve
02.22.2015 An Opportunity for a Fresh Start Pastor Mark
02.18.2015 Why All The Ashes? Pastor Steve
02.15.2015 You Are My Witnesses Paul & Julie F.
02.11.2015 Are We Desperate? Pastor Steve
02.08.2015 Jesus Christ, Fully God and Fully Man Pastor Mark
02.04.2015 The Storm Calmer Pastor Steve
02.01.2015 The Trinity Pastor Mark
01.28.2015 Jesus Continues to Heal Pastor Steve
01.25.2015 The Foundation of Our Faith (Part 3) Pastor Mark
01.21.2015 Jesus is All Powerful Pastor Steve
01.18.2015 The Foundation of Our Faith (Part 2) Pastor Mark
01.14.2015 Lets Go Fishing Pastor Steve
01.11.2015 The Foundation of Our Faith (Part 1) Pastor Mark
01.07.2015 The Truth is Out There Pastor Steve
01.04.2015 Our Search for the Meaning of Life Pastor Mark
12.31.2014 Jesus Baptized Pastor Steve
12.28.2014 New Year, New You, New Us Pastor Mark
12.24.2014 The Gift of Christmas Pastor Mark
12.14.2015 Surprised by God Pastor Mark
12.10.2014 The Message That Changed Eternity Pastor Steve
12.07.2014 Comfort, O, Comfort My People Pastor Mark
12.03.2014 The Word Comes Home Pastor Steve
11.30.2014 The Coming of the Lord Pastor Mark
11.26.2014 Give Thanks Pastor Mark
11.23.2014 Living Thankful Lives Pastor Mark
11.19.2014 Some of God's Character Revealed Pastor Steve
11.16.2014 Remember To Give Thanks Pastor Mark
11.12.2014 God, The Comedian Promise Keeper Pastor Steve
11.09.2014 Chronos Time vs Kairos Time Pastor Mark
11.05.2014 God Has NO Limits Pastor Steve
11.02.2014 Time To Trade Up Pastor Mark
10.29.2014 God Has Good Plans For Us Pastor Steve
10.26.2014 Christ: The Cornerstone of Our Lives Rev. Nate D. (ECO)





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